21st May 2020
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A múlt heti tematikát folytatva maradunk a japán előadóknál. Ezúttal DJ Fonetik japán dzsesszes vendégmixe szól háromtól fél ötig. Kiite tanoshinde kudasai!

In Fonetik's own words: "I was quite obsessed by the amount and quality of great Japanese jazz reissues in the past few years so I decided to make a mix from my favourite J-Jazz tunes. I don't consider myself an expert in the genre so nothing obscure here, but some brilliant sounds that record labels like We Release Jazz, BBE, Les Tres Jazz Club, Tiger Bay, Jazzman to name a few did an amazing job to make accessible for wider audiences. This 90-minute-mix is a really diverse selection of songs from ethnic to modal, from avantgarde to big band and Latin, with some quite upbeat, danceable moments and a load of jazz-fusion and spiritual jazz."

Yosuke Yamashita - A Night In Tunesia [AMIGA - 8 55 943]
Ryo Fukui - Early Summer [We Release Jazz - WRJ001]
Gary Burton/Steve Swallow/Roy Haynes/Tiger Okoshi - Como En Vietnam [ECM - ECM 1111]
Masahiko Togashi with Don Cherry & Charlie Haden - Words Of Wind - Part 2 [Tiger Bay - TB6126]
Teru Sakamoto Trio - Teru-Teru Bozu (Black Keys) [BBE - BBE470CLP]
Minoru Muraoka - Positive And Negative [Jazzman - JMANLP 096]
Teruo Nakamura - Precious One [PGP RTB - 2 LP 5941/5942]
George Otsuka Quintet - Naima [Three Blind Mice  TBM62, Le Tres Jazz Club - LTJC006]
Yoshio Ikeda - Whispering Weeds [Jazzman - JMANLP 097]
Mitsuaki Katayama - Unknown Point [BBE - BBE434CLP]
Tohru Aizawa Quartet - La Fiesta [BBE - BBE469ALP]
Koichi Matsukaze Trio + Toshiyuki Daitoku - Zekatsuma Selbst [BBE - BBE468ALP, ALM Records - AL-5001(A)]
Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet - Step Right Up To The Bottom [Le Tres Jazz Club - LTJC007, Three Blind Mice - TBM-20]
Takeo Moriyama - (Take) [BBE - BBE473ALP]
Nobuo Hara and Sharps And Flats - Little Giant [BBE - BBE470CLP]
Miyasaka + 5 - Dog’s Dance [BBE - BBE579ALP, ALM Records - AL - 3007]
Makoto Terashita meets Harold Land - Takeuma [BBE - BBE504ALP, Aketa's Disk - BBE504ALP]