Tüchök Electro - Kallé Jazz EP

Tüchök Electro was formed by the talented young musicians of "Maszkura és a Tücsökraj" – a well- known and popular band in Hungary. They all share a vision that it's time to bring jazz back to the dancefloors where it originally came from. To achieve this goal they combine traditional jazz with modern rhythms. Disco kicks, double-bass, pulsing swing or blues guitars are working very well together on this four tracker debut EP "Kallé Jazz". 
The opening title "Orfeu" is a whirling latin-jazz song with beautiful scat vocals sung by the guest singer Tamás Mészáros. Rack Low delivers an uptempo rockabilly groove with a touch of electro swing and blues. Its playful saxophone is played by a well-known Hungarian saxophone player Bálint Bársony. The third song "4 Times" is a pure nu-jazz gem suitable for dancefloors while the closing electro-blues "You Got The Blues" makes your head nod with its lazy beats.