The Hungarian Sample Heritage Band

How much treasure is out there? 
We ask this question every time when digging for records, especially if an unknown Hungarian vinyl is in our hands. As producers we have always been tempted to create something new with sound samples borrowed from our ancestors’ music to create something which did not exist before. 
With The Hungarian Sample Heritage Band mixtape, we wanted to reinterpret Hungary’s rich musical heritage created by our creative forefathers, which still has an influence on us as well as on 
the (music) culture. 
To make this happen, we got help from several creators who share our vision. Busa Pista –well known MC of Hungary– summarizes with his rhymes what motivated us and at the same time crowns our work. We are grateful to Grabo’sky – who is an unavoidable figure of the Hungarian re-edit scene– for the collaboration, Kisszántó increases the underground factor with his unique trip-hop styled beats and as well as DRS and Q-Cee, who raises the mood with their impressive turntable skills. 
This mixtape is a tribute to the great moments of Hungary’s composers, as well as the musical traditions of hip-hop music, which popularized the art of using samples. To collect the samples and create the album, we have listened and analysed several vinyl and CDs over and over again. Besides the joy of creation, our main goal is to raise the attention of the young generation for the past Hungarian bands and their music, while giving them a unique experience. So the mixtape is a kind of musical puzzle; if you like the track and you nod, then go and search for the origins of the samples! As these samples and components are often unrecognizable we also provide some help to the listener. 
In the booklet, we picked up all the records from which the pieces were used; sometimes a vocal theme, a bassline, but often only a short riff. We also provide the official Hungaroton links everywhere we can, thus who likes the original source of the sample can easily buy it. Discogs links have also been added as ourselves are record collectors as well we understand someone might be interested in buying the original vinyl versions. For the younger generation, we have collected Spotify links – where available. 
We hope to entertain interactively the elderly generation who were standing in the record shops back in the days when these old records came out, of course our contemporaries, but most of all the younger generations. For them the past of Hungarian pop culture is definitely a great deal worth exploring. 
We can say boldly: So much treasure is out there!