Savages Y Suefo presents Nu Vintage Selecta

Mana Mana Records launches the Nu Vintage Selecta series with the aim to represent the electro-swing, electro-blues, vintage scene of Hungary. The compilation features the finest music of many upcoming artists in an exciting new blend. 
The first volume of the series contains 16 tracks from a pretty wide spectrum. You can find here Budapest Bár, one of the most popular live bands of the country, who delivered an amazing electro swing cover of the ABBA classic „Money, Money, Money” with dulcimer. Ordiman who is responsible for the gentle electronics in this nice cover also remixed Judie Jay's Gone, that was licensed straight for Bart&Baker's Electro Swing VII compilation. Ordiman delivers a delightful brand new composition to Nu Vintage Selecta this time. The duo of Stereo Swing never fails the audience. The tattoo-fan Lou BigSwing and a famous swing diva Gabi Szűcs-who was a former member of the late Cotton Club Singers-knows how to make radio and party hits. It's also true that Viga G can do the same with a cool ghetto swing tune that features KRSA from Pannonia All Stars Ska Orchestra–PASO. Savages Y Suefo contributed with the Fab Samperi remix of their hit tune „Ballroom Breakers” with Judie Jay and an unreleased track of their new project The Worldstylers. The debut album of Mississippi Big Beat comes in 2015 on Mana Mana Records, until then you can enjoy two great dirty and authentic electro blues songs from the boys. 
Nu Vintage Selecta proves that an exciting new scene is growing in Budapest. We should keep an eye on the names above and all the other artists on the compilation–Noir York to Cranky and DJ Clairvo–because they blended the old with the new in a very unique way. 
Savages Y Suefo would like to thank all labels involved: MustBeat, Agogo Records, BP Resonating, Bár Produkció.