Sannan - XEP

XEP is the following remix EP for Sannan’s third album “Hikari”. The way of reworks and remixes led to dub, chillstep, industrial, electro, electronica and tribal this time.
One of the main figures of the local electro scene Sematic4 transformed the original title song “Hikari” to a deep electro-techno joint with smooth and spooky synths and squelchy acid bleeps. 
The same track inspired the fellow producer nnothing – who has a nice reputation at local labels like ASAN and MustBeat – for a chillstep version.
DU3normal  is a quite active prolific producer with international releases. He has recorded a number of EPs and two albums so far. His choice was “Eien” and had been carved out of a beautiful electro-drum stepper version from the original track.
The former leader of the “idealisten” band Interferenc has produced two different versions of the same track. His reworks of “Eien” balances between industrial techno and dark ambient electronica.
As the closure of the EP Sannan has contributed with an earlier dubby joint “The Time Dubble Pt.2” and a tribal mix version of “Drums Of Fuji”.