Noir York - The Golden Age Of Radio EP

Aaron Erdmann aka Noir York is a one-man-bigband/producer, hailing from Budapest, Hungary. He started playing music a decade ago, learned on fretless bass guitar, and alto saxophone. In time he turned to electronic music and got involved in a different styles. At first he was into ambient, then later industrial came in, and after that drum’n’bass & glitch. During the past years he learned how to produce, mix, and master music. The touch of electro swing came in 2013. Noir York immediately started producing and shaping his own electro swing sound in the footsteps of Parov Stelar and G-Swing. He found inspiration in nearly a hundred years old jazz/swing/charleston songs to create his fast pumping, raw and powerful beats what he loves to call Nu-Charleston. 
All 5 tracks on the The Golden Age Of Radio EP have pumping rhythms what makes you dance. You got hand-picked samples and spoken word fills–what sampled from the advertisements of the 20’s-30’s–to increase the noir factor. This will make you dance for sure! 
A word of advice: Careful, electro swing was never been so raw! 
GÜLBAHAR KÜLTÜR - Lola's World Records 
"My favorite is showtıme:-)" 
DJ GLOBALUTION aka LOUIE PRIMA - Electro Swing Revolution 
"Great tunes!" 
NICK HOLLYWOOD - Freshly Squeezed Records 
"Very nice feel to this EP - it not only references the vintage sounds of early swing but also the early days of nu-jazz and it's all the better for it! Too many people chasing the latest sounds get boring... This is a fresh twist... 
Thanks for hooking us up! Will support on the Freshly Squeezed Radio Show" 
"Killer EP all over! Will play for sure in my HOT SAUCE events... Thanks a lot!" 
DIESLER - Tru Toughts Records 
"Will support 'Silver Streak' on the podcast."