Hadron Orchestra - Essence

Gábor Kiss was one of the men behind the successful downtempo, dub, electronica act Pluto Project in the early 2000’s. After many successes the duo is taking a (too) long nap but luckily for everyone Gábor started his solo project Hadron Orchestra to release his vast amount of music to the public. 
Hadron Orchestra continues to pursue the original Pluto Project legacy except that the sound is spiced with more ambient and psy-chill elements. The year 2012 marked the debut release “Transparent Angel” from Hadron Orchestra and since then Gábor regularly drops something exciting on his Bandcamp site to feed a growing fan base. 
We felt that his music should be available for wider audiences and not just to his hardcore fans who knows where to find his music. Therefore “Essence” –as its title suggests– is a compilation from the best tunes of the Hadron Orchestra universe and is finally available much to the delight of everyone.