Grabo'sky - Wurmloch EP

The Budapest based Grabo'sky (formerly Grabowsky) is very familiar with different styles as producer and DJ as well. He plays house, disco, hip-hop, funk, rock, 70s electronica, folk, ethno or anything that hypnotic and cool. 
His DJ carrer started in 1997 and after more than a decade later he began to produce his own music in 2011. Grabo'sky started to work on simple edit versions of his favourite tracks but not much later he made more and more re-arrangments and edxperimented with the tracks. To this day he made numerous edits in various styles from grunge superstars Pearl Jam, krautrock heros Can, the legendary disco producer Cerrone or great names of the Hungarian pop-rock (Katona Klári, V'Moto-Rock, East, Edda, Kimnowak, etc). 
Meanwhile next to the edits he dropped more and more of his own tracks too and 4 of them framed up as the Wurmloch EP. 
The opening Return To Bora Bora is a beautiful piece of louge music with exotic sounds, flutes and heavy percussions which easily takes away the listener. Alex Brugos made his remix of Return To Bora Bora in the same style and he kept the mood of the original song but added tons of strange sounds and flutes to make the compostition more mistycal. 
The title track Wurmloch is a psychedelic slow-disco cut with fat percussions and spacey synthersizer pads. The two heads behind the label Savages Y Suefo created a bass driven chill-step remix of the original Wurmloch under their Sannan moniker to close the EP.