Davaj Sound & DJ Superstereo - More Pálinka EP

The original idea was to make an eastern-european version of famous reggae tune “More Marijuana” by Frisco Kid (on Bollywood Riddim). Well, yeah, here us folks from Warsaw to Beograd, from Budapest to Moscow like to celebrate any occasion with expressive home-made spirits, mostly made from local fruits and plants, creating real madness for parties. When choosing the types of drinks we wanted to avoid using brand names, so that’s how we got to “Pálinka”, which is the traditional hungarian spririt, the word’s roots coming from northern slavic “palit’” which means “to burn”. “Gorilka” is used in Ukraine and Russia with the same meaning, and then we have the infamous slovakian Tatra mountains’ firewater “Borovička”, which is made from pine trees’ seeds. Last, but not at least, southern-slavic guys often cheer and go mad with their tasty “Rakija” which is a grape-essence, drank from Ljubljana to Sofija. 
“More Pálinka” - Original mix - An anthem-like moombahton tune in a minimalistic way. Drums by Dj Superstereo, vocals by Dj Danny Hell and Tomas El Checo Prusa, synth, bassline and arrangement by Dj Pozor. 
“More Pálinka” - Masala Sound System remix - Well-known polish guys made a great remix of the basic tune, adding more lyrics to it, having a gorgeous trap break with throat-singing. A fresh global bass track with Asian Dub Fundation influence. 
Animated videoclip for this remix made by Pozor Visuals and London-based Vj Yourself describes visually what happens to human beings’ faces and brains having these spirits. 
“More Pálinka” - Ordiman remix - Let’s fly back to the nineties’ synth pad feelings in this remix, with current bass stuff underneath, keeping 110 bpm, but having classic “flyaway” effects from disco and house music.

Davaj Sound & DJ SuperStereo