Zero Gravity

Mystical Plants is always in the middle of something cool. This summer they dropped a funky EP called Positivity which had very nice reviews and their video played by local and other TV channels like Ibiza Global TV. While working hard on their coming Mystical Plants album they’ve found time to write a super chilly album too as Zero Gravity. They recipe is simple: take the best of their favourite styles from funk, bossa, hip-hop, downtempo, jazz or even blues and mix them together with care. The result is a mind-blowingly good and diverse album with hyper easy vocals and lyrics. All the 63 minutes of Gravity Room has exciting moments, so it’s hard to choose just 1-2 pieces as a favourite. The opening “Come On In” with its bossa vibes is definitely one of the bests tracks along with the radio friendly hip-hop “Da Ghetto” and a mellow downtempo “Who Killed The Dinosaurs?” with the most funny lyrics ever.


"A very nice and diversified album, my top favourite tune is Drop The Shades." (Dr. Best - Limbo Rhythm Radioshow, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg)

"It's tasty music! From this great album I kept: The Big Cloud, Gringo Paradise and Superbud! I will play those three for sure!" (DJ Prosper)

"I enjoyed the album, my favorite tracks are Who Killed The Dinosaurs, Gringo’s Paradise and The Real Story. Looking forward to playing these on the radio here in the US." (Kerem Gokmen - Dubmission Radioshow, WYEP Pittsburgh)

"Some really nice trax on!! Will be played! " (Scheibosan)