Mystical Plants

Mystical Plants is an up and coming electro-funk band from Hungary.They were grounded 2000 as a duo(Béla Balázs :bass player,songwriter and producer and István Munkácsi: guitarist). Their admiration for modern jazz and funk sounds was the starting point, which combined their unique, tension-free, easygoing music. "Use your head" was the first release at Chameleon Records among many other international compilation-cd's. They continued as a trio when Bryant Goodman(vocals) joined the mystical forces. They smooth funk sound combined together with neo-soul and electric jazz vibes gives a familiar but recognizable sound which one can identify with. The first single from the second album ( Harvest ) "new world order" was played by radios and released on other compilations and the second single "head in the clouds" came out on 2 jazz compilation cd-s in 2011. They realized that the time to get a bigger popularity and pass their music to more and more people. so they started to build their live show with 2 other hungarian musicians(Róbert Rátkai: drums and Péter Nagy: Keyboards). With the new formation the band became frequent airplay by radio stations in Hungary, which has given a big kick start to their start making a new album called "Good Life". While making the songs together their style has been given a fresh new funked up face with some House vibes what is easily discoverable in the new material and also in the live shows. It's more energetic and vivid with a lots of disco and old school funk vibes what is blended with wicked synth sounds and of course Bryant's fat and smooth vocals. The album features a new hot tune ("love criminals") that features Judie Jay,a hidden vocal jewel from Budapest,Hungary. So as expected this is definitely a mystical music!!!