Chrypton – David is actually a very young producer from Budapest. He is interested in music since he was a little kid. Started with playing the piano at age 11, and some years after his interest turned to melodies, and the structure of musical pieces. He really wanted to know how music was made.
The turning point was in his life when he got an important present, a digital piano. After a year he used a computer to record and create new music. His first attempt to make an album was in 2009 and soon after he finished another one to polish his skills as a producer. Within a year his own sound was found to create unique moods; trippy melodies and simple rhythms reverbed in huge spaces. 
Music is a special mood for David what triggered by an experience, an emotion and he always tries to write those feelings into his creations, if every musical piece were a diary. Therefore Hybrid Deepness is an introspection of his experiences from the past 4 years. The music invites the listeners to star-gazing and envisioning beautiful pictures together.