horhos - 7 darab

Ákos Győrffy also known as a former member of the band Bajdázó. Horhos - which is his (mostly) solo project now has a new album on Mana Mana. The formation plays DIY ambient music with strong folk influences, combined field recordings what are also an integral part of their music. The new record entitled „7 pieces” is an intimate, yet distant journey through places like New York or the Morgó stream in Börzsöny, Hungary and we can hear various background noises from the Adriatic to a train braking at Rákosrendező station. These soundscapes mark the route, but the walk through is up to the listener.



Derszu Uzala / 3 (Sikhote-Alin mix): A guest musician, Zoltán Gugyella plays the bass guitar. The music features spoken word elements from the movie „Derszu Uzala” by Akira Kurosawa.

Frauenkirche (in memoriam János Térey): The sound sample on which the recording was based was recorded at the rehearsal of the Frauenkirche Children's Choir in Dresden on 15 September 2013.

Metropolitan Avenue / Coney Island: The field recordings were taken in New York in November 2019.

Patakfény vol. 1-4: The field recordings were taken between 2014 and 2018 at the Morgó stream in Börzsöny and on the hill of Nacsapéreg.

Quarnero: The field recordings were taken in 2017 in Brsec, Croatia.

Insomnia (music for Tamás Korpa's book): The music was inpired by Tamás Korpa's poetry book „Inszomnia” (Pesti Kalligram Kiadó, 2016). Recordings used: Dante Gabriel Rossetti's poem Insomnia performed by Jacqueline Smith and Bach / Siloti: Prelude in B minor. in the performance of Nikolai Tokarev.

“All the creepy directions leading to the cities”: Zoltán Gugyella plays the bass guitar. The title is a quote from an article Nothing Needed From Here by László Krasznahorkai.