Duel - Caprice

VINYL available here: https://manamanarecords.bandcamp.com/album/caprice


Duel has been a significant member of the eletronic underground music in Hungary for almost 30 years. His new release „Caprice” is a collection of his works from recent years, and it blends ambient, downtempo and deep-house into a whole magical album.

As a music producer of the albums of Chriss Ronson and Badgirls (2008 and 2010) - he has won the “Best Electronic Record of the Year” award twice. 

Caprice’s official premiere was on the Record Store Day (RSD) on September 26 and a live premiere is scheduled for November 2020 in Trafó Cultural Center, Budapest, co-organized by the two largest local ambient organizers, Plug & Lay and Cökxpon Ambient. Of course the vinyl version of the album can also be purchased on site during the event. 
The special concert will be enhanced by two guest artists who also contributed to the studio recordings: András Keleti from Colorstar and Andras Bader from CultUs Music.

Inspirational music for thoughts or just to look out of your head

The longest track on the album, the opening Caprice is the perfect introduction to a dreamy trip. The listener can feel the beach almost on their own skin, with the feeling of salt water snuggling to their feet and the crumbling sand between their fingers.

The music takes you. You’re not here anymore…

With your eyes closed, you can even ascend into space, and although, that’s not physically possible, it’s still filled with the deep calm of space when you hear Solar Trees.

The good thing in Duel's Caprice, is that it leaves to you to open your own bottle - your heart - and the beach can even be a forest. This float traverses and accompanies all the tracks on the album, with synthesizer streams and resonant guitar melodies combined with almost inaudible vocals. There is no drum here because it is unnecessary. The reconciled heart of the man is grateful for this little peace with soft and dreamy rhythms. 

Caprice is a rare treasure. It’s like putting ourselves on a charger - to give ourselves to life afterwards. After the subtle cues, the flowing sounds, the listener cannot say anything else: You Heal Me Like Nobody.