Our performers have had played on a number of small and large venues (festivals, corporate parties, fairs, markets, weddings, etc.) across the country and throughout Europe for the greatest pleasure of the audience.
  • Budapest Burlesque DJ set / Live act (electro swing) 
  • Calm Spirit Live act / DJ set (dwontempo, trip-hop)
  • Chill Pill Live act (lounge, chill-out)
  • Hadron Orchestra DJ set Live act (lounge, chill-out)
  • Mystical Plants Live (funk, downtempo)
  • Ordiman DJ set / Live act (electro swing, balkan)
  • The Worldstylers DJ set / Live act (electro swing, balkan, downtempo)
  • Singas Project Live (jazz, downtempo)
  • Savages / Suefo DJ set, Live act (downtempo, funk, bootleg, balkan, latin, world, electro swing) 
  • Úzgin Űver Live (world, folk)
  • Zero Gravity Live (funk, downtempo)
  • Waklárma Live (hip hop)
  • Earth Sounds Live Act (lounge, chill-out, spa-relax) 
In Hungary, we also represent the popular Austrian band DelaDap, whose latest album is available here
  • !DelaDap (Ausztria) Live (nu jazz, electro swing) 


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